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Lighthouse Literacy Academy is a Christian primary school with a traditional M-F 9:00-3:00 school day that follows the typical late August through mind- June calendar.  LLA offers before and after school enrichment, as well as both a summer school session and a vacation bible school session each summer. See below for more information about all the components at Lighthouse Literacy Academy.


Summer School Program

We believe that young children learn best through fun, engaging and hands on activities that excite young minds. In order for learning to be meaningful and not repetitious or drab, creative and unique ways to learn are a must. This is our philosophy all year, but in the summer we take it up a notch. Taking advantage of the beautiful San Diego climate we will spend as much time learning outside as inside and as much time moving as sitting. Summer school is all about the fun, and it’s a time to hone in on those places where reinforcement is needed and the time for the coming years curriculum to be introduced.


Vacational Bible School Program

We believe that children need to know that their value is in Christ alone, and that God the father loves them. At Vacation Bible School each summer students get to be emerged in the joys of childhood all while learning all about who Jesus is. By the end of VBS each summer children are ready for a new school year equipped with the confidence that they are children of the King. VBS at LLA is full of summer fun, games, music, outdoor experiences and a message brought to us by one of the nations leading producers of a VBS program. (New programs each year) 


Summer Enrichment Program

After school care for SS and VBS: 


Summer Enrichment Classes change weekly, and also begin the Monday after our annual “Promotion Friday” and ends the 3rd Friday of August.

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