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What We Believe



There have been many philosophies and methods to teach literacy throughout the years. Research and experience has led Lighthouse Literacy Academy to implement 4 of the most scientifically proven methods. Every child is unique and learns at their own pace and through methods that “click” for them individually. This is why one of the first things we do when a child enrolls at Lighthouse Literacy Academy is a set of assessments to determine how the child learns best, as well as where they are in their reading skills...


We have been so blessed that they accepted Scarlett from day one. Even when her care got more complicated, they never hesitated from keeping her as a student, or raising our tuition. They created a loving environment where the kids in Scarlett's class accepted her differences and occasionally asked questions with respect. And finally, we are so grateful for the Christian education they gave Scarlett. Pointing her to Jesus while she learned how to read, do math, create beautiful art work, speak Spanish (She can count to 100 in Spanish), and so much more. 

Parent of a Kindergarten graduate

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