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COVID Response

1. Daily health evaluations: wellness check at arrival, including temperature checks.


2. Face shields/ masks: optional for students with no discrimination.


3. Limited class sizes: our standard model is small classes, already meeting the state guidelines.


4. Rigorous sanitizing: we deep clean hard surfaces throughout each day.


5. Hand-washing & sanitizing: mandatory 20 second hand washing or hand sanitizing when hand washing not available.


6. Covid education: ongoing information to students, parents, and staff about our safeguards/safety precautions. All of our staff area trained in health and safety protocols.


7. Fogging: weekly commercial grade fogging of all indoor spaces.


8. Transitioning to distance learning: A compatible and complete “Home Learning Plan” for multi-day absences if it becomes necessary for a student.


9. Quarantine: mandatory 10 day if contract covid, 14 day for those in contact. Any student or employee that has been exposed to COVID is required to obtain a doctor’s clearance before reentry.


10. Mandatory shut down: in case of a mandatory shut down ordinances due to prevalence of COVID cases in the school or geographical locale a simple yet thorough transition to “temporary distance learning” is implemented, with daily online support.


11. Safety: continual insurance to our students in receiving the highest quality education in an environment that prioritizes their safety

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