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About Us

Our Statement of Faith:

We believe in God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Bible is the living Word of God and is a lamp unto my feet and light to my path.


Our Statement of Excellence in Education:

We believe that as teachers we are called by God to teach children about His love and the pursuit of academic excellence in our school.

Lighthouse Literacy Academy was created to meet the growing needs of San Diego’s East County families who are searching for a wonderful alternative to public school.


We are a group of parents and educators with children between grades Transitional Kindergarten and 9th grade. We ourselves grew up in East County attending different elementary, Jr high and High schools around the community. We come with various backgrounds from college degrees to countless ECE classes. Some of us have a background in preschool education, some in homeschooling and some in primary education.


Lighthouse Literacy Academy is a Christian school where children will experience God’s love in our morning Bible time and weekly chapel as well as throughout the week as we learn to love God and each other just as God commands us. We believe learning success is rooted in strong literacy.


We believe that literacy is the foundation for all learning success, from the primary years, all through college and all of life. We believe a solid ability to read well gives tremendously to whether or not an individual will thrive throughout their lives.


We believe that when a Pre-K student reads sight words or a Kindergartener reads 3-7 word sentences, when a first or second grader is reading full books they are paving their way to a bright future. At Lighthouse Literacy Academy each and every child will be a successful reader whether at grade level or beyond. When at Lighthouse Literacy Academy, a child has reached her or his grade level expectations we don't sit back and celebrate, we celebrate and begin the journey of even further progress, motivating, facilitating and supporting each and every child right where they are individually.


Our small class sizes allow for one on one learning, community and collaboration. Math, Science, Social Science, Arts, Physical education are not secondary to literacy, but instead intertwined as we strongly believe anyone who can read-well-can learn anything!

Lighthouse Literacy Academy is an extension of JUMP Preschool and Kindergarten. JUMP Preschool was established in 2008 for children ages 2 years to Transitional Kindergarten then in 2012 the kindergarten was added. Lighthouse Literacy Academy will have its first semester in January 2022 serving grades Transitional Kindergarten to third Grade.



Our Mission at Lighthouse Literacy Academy is to meet the needs of families who desire a school not only strong in academics but also creatively educates the whole child socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and academically, and to bring to the community a primary school that is committed to excellence by implementing proven, effective, and exciting methods. DOING so by understanding the many needs of the young child, by creating curriculum and classrooms that are both child and parent approved. Most importantly our mission is that children who attend Lighthouse Literacy Academy know that God loves them and that Jesus is their Savior


Our Philosophy at Lighthouse Literacy Academy is that all children can succeed and become strong, independent and confident readers, through creative, painless and individual reading plans. Children who can read with confidence have pride and ownership in their learning and in their futures.


The four components of our philosophy are...


• Measured learning-we set individual reading plans that continue to change as the child progresses.

• Proven reading instruction-we tailor lessons to each child’s individual learning style.

• Children need more than the 3 R’s-we believe children are creative, spiritual and physical and need to have opportunities to grow in these areas.

• All areas of curriculum are implemented through creative handson lessons; not only literacy but math, science, social sciences, health and physical education as well.

• Literacy is the foundation for all learning.

What We Believe

There have been many philosophies and methods to teach literacy throughout the years. Research and experience has led Lighthouse Literacy Academy to implement 4 of the most scientifically proven methods. Every child is unique and learns at their own pace and through methods that “click” for them individually. This is why one of the first things we do when a child enrolls at Lighthouse Literacy Academy is a set of assessments to determine how the child learns best, as well as where they are in their reading skills. From there, goals and objectives specific to each child’s reading are determined, becoming the child’s Individual Reading Plan. We call it their IRP.


At Lighthouse Literacy Academy we use these four methods to teach Reading. 

1. Phonics

2. The Whole-Word Approach

3. The Language Experience Approach

4. The Context Support Method


In addition, Lighthouse Literacy Academy staff are trained in one of the Nation's most reputable and leading instructions on how to teach literacy in the early years of TK-3rd. The “Literacy How” method is used by leading primary schools around the county by


Lighthouse Literacy Academy is not the traditional school, we proudly go beyond to make an environment where learning is fun, efficient, individual and comprehensive. Our students are challenged with new skills in a meaningful way, where ownership and pride in achievement are celebrated. Learning and education is only one part of the young child’s life. Other important aspects are; friendships, family, developing character, and being physically active, and we understand that at LLA. Instead of ignoring those wonderful and important aspects of a TK-3rd graders young life, we celebrate them and find meaningful ways to incorporate these into our school.

What We Believe
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